About us

We are a Western Australia family run business with over 20 years experience in the mining and civil industry’s. Our experience has been gathered over many years with the maintenance and hire of machinery.

We can deliver a mutually strong and financial relationship beneficial for our clients and Saundex We are a two tiered company specialising in labour hire to the mining industry and also in the hire of crushing & screening machinery. Our clients range from some of Australia’s biggest mining companies in our labour hire side of our business, through to some of the small up and coming recycling and civil company’s on our plant hire side.

We understand that if you are either operating your own machinery or hiring ours that downtime is a huge cost and waste of resources. In a time when every dollar needs to be accounted for in order for businesses to remain competitive and financially secure, we strive to support our clients.

With this in mind Saundex’s main value is to deliver a well maintained and reliable piece of machinery. Reliable and highly skilled tradespeople are essential to run and efficient and safe workshop. Our labour hire personnel are carefully selected for placement.

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Need Labour Hire?

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